Sadly, it is not often simple finding the perfect headset in this specific category. Several manufacturers mistakenly market the headset of theirs as ideal for audiophiles, when in reality, they are not suitable in the least. An additional prevalent problem is there is not an audiophile standard the consumer is able to reference to determine which headset is the very best for these people. That is the reason we have chose to take things to the very own hands of ours and list what we think are the top 10 headset for audiophiles still offered.

10. Edifier H850 Professional Headphones

These over-the-ear headset is created to make the listener an unprecedented audio experience, but do it without them having to invest a lot. They’ve a lightweight and simple design which fits perfectly on the ears and also have leather pads appropriate for noise isolation. These headset likewise have 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers that allow for genuine sound reproduction. These headset are not only great for home listening, however. They is able to additionally be folded, therefore the listener may enjoy their favorite music just about anywhere. Making them headset ideal for the hectic music fan who would like to take a couple of moments out of the day of theirs to have the favorite music of theirs.

9. Audio Technica ATH-M30x

Ideal for studio programs, these headset has loads of features that also make them great for audiophiles. They’ve 40mm drivers that are actually engineered with copper clad aluminum wire voice coils and are created with rare Earth magnets. Additionally, they use a single sided cable exit and a 3 meter straight cable which plugs into it. The shape of the headset is additionally really great too. They’re tuned for mid range definition and are supposed to offer the listener with genuine sound isolation. All this helps it be a great mid range pair of headset which have a way better audio quality than the cost of theirs would suggest.

8. Philips SHP9500S Headphones

Originating from a trusted name known for producing high quality headset, the Philips SHP9500S is actually created to reproduce full spectrum sound. They feature 50mm Neodymium drivers which have a sensitivity of hundred one dB and a frequency response of 12 35,000 Hz. They’ve a 1.5 meter cable that provides listeners a lot of room to move around while they are listening to music and it’s a gold plated connector which guarantees a great connection. These open over-the-ear headset is not created to seal out outside sounds, though they’re particularly created to deliver the quality of sound that individuals really want and expect from the fave audio equipment of theirs.

7. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones

Created solely for studio work, these open over ear headset deliver the quality of sound needed for professional music mastering, mixing and editing. These German made headset has excellent drivers which deliver strong bass and transparent treble sounds. They’ve soft circumaural velour ear pads which are actually comfy to put on and a 3 meter coiled cable which provides the user a small bit of additional space to the office. The braided cord of theirs terminates in a 6.35mm jack. They come with the very own drawstring bag of theirs and come with an instruction booklet. Manufactured with quality components, these headset is certain to offer the listener with many, many hours of listening enjoyment.

6. Edifier H840 Noise-Isolating Headphones

With 40mm driver units along with a noise isolating design, these headset is intended to optimize the audiophile’s listening enjoyment. They’ve an around the ear design that is made of soft comfortable leather and which will make these headset simple to use for long stretches. Additionally they have leather headrests which have a steel reinforced headband which raises the durability and flexibility of this particular service. Another characteristic which are available on these headset is a 3.5mm gold plated audio plug which makes for a static free link between the headset as well as the audio source. And because these headset deliver realistic sounds, they’re helpful for everything from casual listening to studio work.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

These Audio Technica ATH M50x Professional headset is ideal for the really serious enjoyment of music at home or perhaps in the studio. They’re made with unique 45mm drivers that are created using rare Earth magnets and also have aluminum wire voice coils which were clad in copper. These headphone develop outstanding music clarity and provide deep, accurate bass note reproduction. They’ve a circumaural design which will help to seal out the noises of the external world and it is beneficial for use in noisy environments. The earcups on these high quality headset swivel 90 degrees for packing away for travel or even for one ear monitoring of sound.

4. Sennheiser HD 579 Open Back Headphones

Powered using specially designed 38mm drivers with 50 ohm transducers, these Sennheiser headset is intended to supply efficient sound reproduction to listeners that just expect the very best. They’ve an open rear design which works around the ears and possesses smooth comfortable ear pads which are created to be easy-to-wear. These headset likewise have a 3 meter cable which will come with a 6.3mm jack as well as a 3.5mm jack adapter. And they are only the correct size so they are not too bulky or perhaps not overly thin. Designed to additionally supply a pleasant range of heavy bass notes and notes with very little to no distortion, these headset could be enjoyed by audiophiles everywhere.

3. Status Audio CB-1 Monitor Headphones

These headset is created for 2 unique group of women. They’re created for professionals that depend on constant quality of sound from the audio source of theirs and for audiophiles that wish to optimize the enjoyment they get from the music of theirs. Designed with 50mm drivers, these headset are able to deliver a basic sound signature which does not interfere with the organic attributes of the source music. They come with detachable cables, both coiled and straight, and may be folded so that they could be quickly placed right into a bag or perhaps on a shelf. Every one of which enables these headset to be utilized for a number of various purposes.

2. Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphones

Audiophiles that require really organic sound are more and more turning to the Sennheiser HD 650. These open back professional headset has a frequency response of 10 39,500 Hz and are enhanced for increased resolution recordings. All things have been selected to make these headset perform also as you possibly can. They’re constructed with aluminum voice coils and utilize hand selected Neodymium magnets, these headset is created to keep even the hardened music fan pleased with the quality of sound reproduction of theirs. They feature a modulated connecting cable that is made from OFC copper and it is reinforced with Kevlar to increase durability. These headset could be plugged into high quality audio components included CD, DVD players, and SACD players.

1. Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones

Lightweight aluminum coils and Neodymium ferrous magnets are simply 2 of the high quality components which will make these audiophile headset incredibly helpful to nearly anybody. The magnet system in these headset is actually computer enhanced in order to reduce intermodulation distortion as well as to optimize performance. Additionally, they come with an elegant designed that finished in grey and black and also have open metal mesh earpiece covers that make them really unique. These headset likewise come with an oxygen free copper cable that is detachable and it is Kevlar reinforced for durability. Created to create accurate and natural sound, these headset could be enjoyed by audiophiles, audio technicians or maybe anybody who would like to get by far the most with the music of theirs.