Top 10 best Attic Ladders in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

Attic ladders are a great tool that most households like to use because it can save a lot of space, convenient to use and do not require much money to get one. If you are here looking to the best Attic Ladder, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 best attic ladders that are used and reviewed by thousands of users. Keep reading to find out about all the top attic ladders brands and their special features.

List Of Top 10 best Attic Ladders in 2020

10. DXZ-Ladder

 Wooden Folding

As the first one in the list, we have the top 10th best attic ladder from DXZ-ladder. This attic ladder looks very classy as it’s made completely from solid wood. Without any presence of formaldehyde, DZX-Ladder is safe for everyone to use. It’s measured at 120*77*40cm that is designed with A-shape leg to make sure that it has a strong support, so the ladder will never fall and always remain stable.

Moreover, it can be used for not only to climb high, but the large shelf of it allows you to sit on; especially if you are using it with a tall book shelf.

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9. Colors of Rainbow

Rainbow F3060

Moving on to the top 9th, we have another high quality attic ladder from Colors of Rainbow. Rated as of the highest quality and safest attic ladder in the market, Colors of Rainbows comes with all power coated steel that would keep the ladder durable and new. Moreover, it also as spring assists for easier usage.

For safety reason, this attic ladder also comes with 4 steel handrails so you can safely use it to support your movement when climbing or going down the ladder. Last but not least, it’s also designed with protective floor bumper, so your floor will never get spoiled when you put this ladder down on it.

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What’s special about the top 8th is we have a famous brand known for best attic ladders and it’s called LOUVIS LADDER 16; with the model AL228P. It is ideal with any space with ceiling height from 10-12 ft high. This ultra-steady attic ladder comes with hook and pole that makes it very convenient to user for door opening. Also, it’s featured with metal hinges that can prevent the ladder from shacking as you’re using.

What’s more, LOUISVILLE LADDER is also certified with ANSI and OSHA which are all the quality and safety committee. When purchasing this attic ladder, you will also receive all the installation kits coming in the package.

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7. FAKRO LST 66875


Moving to the top 7th, the best attic ladder that is made premium quality steel scissor is from another leading brand called FAKRO with its LST 66875 model. This attic ladder from FAKRO is very flexible as you can easily adjust it to fit with your ceiling height as long as it’s between 7 feet, 2 Inch and 9 feet, 6 Inch. Moreover, it’s interestingly designed with S-Shape strings that acts as a perfect handrail for users.

Using wooden door frame that is very effortless to open and close, it can helps saving a lot of energy in your house, too. Beside, with FAKRO, you will also receive a 2-year warranty when you make any purchase to gives you all confidence with its product.

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6. Louisville Ladder L244P

Louisville Ladder

Next onto the top 6th, we have the best attic ladder from Louisville Ladder again; this time with a model called L224P. With height adjustability, this attic ladder can be used up to 10ft ceiling high. It has everything from being sturdy to being safe as it can hold up to 250 pounds with ease.

Besides, it’s also featured with heavy-duty hinges that can helps the ladder to unfold smoothly, so you’re safe when climbing on it. In termss of installation, Louisville Ladder also make it easier for user as you can simply use the ez hang strap system and you’ll get it securely installed in a snap.

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5. Whistler

 Attic Stairway Insulator

Moving on to the top 5th, we have this special fireproof attic ladder from a brand called Whistler. Obviously, the fireproof level of this attic ladder is measured at an R-Value of 14.5 which is quite rare to be found from any attic ladder in the market. Besides, it’s very functional as it has an insulation cover, so any coldness or heat won’t pass through its door to your space during any weather conditions, so your room temperature can be maintained at your convenient.

On top of that, it’s also designed with lower front opening to give users easier, too. Last but not least, this attic ladder brand also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy, you can go ahead and claim your money back anytime.

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4. Autobaba

3.8M 12.5FT

Here at the top 4th, we have a superior quality aluminum attic ladder from Autobaba. As mentioned, since this attic ladder is made from aluminum, it’s not only durable and sturdy, yet it is also lighter than another attic ladder in the market. With its foldable concept, Autobaba is perfect for any space.

It’s measured at 380cm x 48cm x 8.8cm when you fully open it. Besides, Autobaba is also featured with many safety features including anti-slip rubber feet and grip handle, so you can maintain a smooth and stable movement when using this ladder. In termss of loading capacity, it can support up to 150kg.

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3. FAKRO LMS 66869


Moving on to the top 3rd, we have another best attic ladder from FAKRO again; this time with its model called LMS 66869. Using insulated steel as the material, this ladder has its door frame can help a lot with saving energy cost. On its box frame, this ladder is also featured with hatch’s unique opening mechanism that allows the ladder to unfold slowly in the right position and prevent it from slamming shut.

Moreover, it is very sturdy as it can stand the weight load up to 350 pounds. Last but not least, FAKRO also backs their products with a 2-year warranty for any customers.

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2. Werner Ladder


On the top 2nd, we have this special aluminum attic ladder from Werner Ladder. Using such high quality as the material input, this ladder is measured as light in terms of weight, yet ultra-tough in terms of quality. Moreover, it’s designed with foldable concept that is easy to open and close as you use.

To facilitate with climbing up and coming down, Werner Ladder also put stable assist pole that you can use when you come down the ladder. This product is ideal for any hallways, closets, bookshelves or any loft apartment. In terms of ceiling height compatibility, it can go as high as 9 ft 10 in.

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1. Louisville Ladder AA2210

Louisville Ladder

Finally, on to the best attic ladder you could ever find in the market, it is again a product from this world’s leading attic ladder supplier; Louisville Ladder. For this special model, AA2210, that we are talking right not, the most special point about this it is made from elite aluminum that has superior quality compares to any brands within its class. Louisville Ladder AA2210 is designed with a strong focus on users’ safety. It can be shown on the features of reinforce grooved steps for maximum traction and heavy-duty hinges for the ladder to unfold smoothly and prevent any possible physical injury.

These qualities make the Louisville Ladder strong enough to hold up to 375 pounds. In terms of ceiling height, this attic ladder can prolong to fit as tall as 10-foot 3-inches ceilings, so you can use with almost every ceiling.

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Buying Guide:

When it comes to buying the attic ladder, there are three main points you need to consider. first of all, it is about your ceiling height as compared to the total height of the ladder. It is important that your ceiling height and the ladder height is similar so that they are compatible to use together.

Secondly, it’s about the weight load capacity. When it comes to this point, it’s about how heavy the ladder can support. So usually, the higher load capacity the ladder can hold, the better the quality it should be rated. Last but not least, another essential to check when buying the attic ladder is to check its dimension and see if it can work well with your ceiling or attic space.


With all these points and product reviews, you will be able to get the best attic ladder that will function amazingly for you.

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