Top 10 Best Laptop Coolers in 2020 Reviews

A laptop cooler is an essential accessory in your laptop or notebook computer. Smaller laptops are being introduced each day, overheating is becoming a bigger problem. The cooler controls the laptop’s operating temperature and reduce overheating. They also protect the users from any heat discomfort while operating the laptop.

You can buy an active or passive cooling pad. The active cooling pad uses electricity to direct heat away from the laptop whereas passive coolers absorb the heat and increase the airflow within the laptop.

Some modern gaming laptops and few other brands provide an adequate cooling solution and therefore be sure if you really need the coolers.

How to choose the best Laptop Cooler/ Cooling Pad

There are a variety of cooling pads in the market and this guideline will help to determine the best cooler pad for your laptop. The list below is ranked based on the following factors;

  • Price: Choose the cooling pads based on your budget. Remember the most expensive coolers may not be the best for your device.
  • Size: Buy one that best fits the size of your laptop.
  • Noise: If the cooling pad makes a lot of noise, it is likely that it will not cool off your laptops produced heat as expected. Go for a quiet one.
  • Durability:Ensure you buy a quality cooler that functions and increase the performance of your device for a long time. It should not consume a lot of power over time.
  • Cooling power: This depends on a number of fans available and where they are located. If the fans are positionedbelow the area where more heat is produced, the more powerful the cooling power.

Here is the list of the top 10 Laptop coolers in 2020

10. Femor 10-15.6-inch cooling pad

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Femor has six ultra-quiet fans for an adequate cooling solution and a fan speed controller to help you control the air flow in your laptop. The stand height can be adjusted at an angle to enable you to comfortably watch movies or play games. The fan pad is compatible with all laptops size between 10 and 15.6 inches.

The cooling pads have extra USB ports to mount more USB devices. Its slim design and lightweight material make it highly portable

Key features

  1. Highly portable
  2. Ultra-quiet
  3. Made of sturdy and durable material

9. Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminum Panel

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This cooling pad has a sensor to monitor your laptop or notebook temperature in four different areas. You can manually or automatically adjust the fan speed to obtain the best cooling effect.

The fans can be regulated based on different laptop sizes to give the best performance. The Massive TM has built-in display panel which contains a lock button and fan control button.

Key features

  1. Dual 120mm regulated fans for the extreme thermal performance
  2. Thin and lightweight design
  3. Durable aluminum panel

8. Havit 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad

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Havit cooling pads are ergonomically designed with anti-slip baffle to prevent slipping off of a laptop. You can adjust its height to comfortably meet different needs. The 5 built-in fans optimize heat production and provide a quiet environment.

The metal mesh surface makes cooling fan reliable and it draws the laptop’s heat away. The brighter the LED lights, the faster the fans will be.

Key features

  1. Has five ultra-quiet fans
  2. Two USB ports for more connections
  3. Red LED lights to determine the fans speed.
  4. Offers lifetime technical support.

7. TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad

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ATeckNet metal mesh area provides excellent airflow to protect your laptop from overheating. You can easily plug in the fan pad for use via the USB port. The extra USB port connects another USB device.

The pad is made of slim design and a lightweight material to make it easy to move around with ease. You can easily adjust the height at any angle for comfortable use. The rubber rims securely hold the laptop to prevent it from sliding off.

Key features

  1. Dual USB ports for connecting extra devices
  2. Compatible for laptop sizes from 12-16 inches
  3. Noise-free fans
  4. Anti-skid metal mesh for extra stability.
  5. LED lights to indicate the cooling status

6. Opolar Laptop Fan Cooler

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This Opolar fan design cooler provides rapid temperature coolingwith 13 fan speeds for managing the airflow in your machine. It operates in auto mode making the fans quiet in operation and maximize the CPU performance. The air vents on both sides and at the rear make the cooling pad ideal for gaming tasks.

The cooler two-way installation makes it the best cooler in the market. It also enables you to easily mount the cooler using plug and play method. The cooler is firmly held at the back of your laptop by clamping arms and a fixing glue of 3M.

Key features

  1. Uses both auto and manual mode operations
  2. Has rear heat ventilation
  3. High-quality design
  4. Uses Nintendo switch to boost its performance

5. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

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This tree new bee design is attributed to gaming laptops as it increases your laptop lifespan. The sharp corners and the blue lighting makes the cooler unique. It has four built-in fans to draw heat away andreduce overheating. The cooler is plugged to the laptop via the USB slot and the extra port can connect another device. Anti-skid arms firmly hold the cooler to avoid any sliding.

Key features

  1. Adjustable height for more comfort
  2. Adjustable fan speed to obtain the best performance
  3. Ultra-quiet

4. TekHome Laptop Cooler

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TekHome uses a USB powered fan with four silicon caps for covering the exhaust vents with a height of 0.6-1 inch and a width of up to 3.6 inches. The coolers internal GPU and CPU helps in improving the overall performance for gaming and viewing HD movies.

The cooler comes with a rotary switch for adjusting the speed based on your needs. You can easily place the silicon caps at the rear or close to the vent to provide cooling effect within seconds.

Key features

  1. An adjustable wind to regulate the fan speed.
  2. Highly compatible
  3. Provide shock cooling effect
  4. Ultralightweight making it highly portable

3. Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler

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HV-F2056 is a universal cooler with three fans to cool off your device within seconds. The slim lightweight design allows you to protect your laptop anywhere you go. It consists of metal mesh which firmly holds the laptop to avoid slipping off. You can plug it using a powered USB hub and connect other devices to the extra ports available.

Key features

  1. Ultra-quiet fans
  2. Two stands with adjustable heights
  3. Plug and play USB slots

2. Cooler Master CM NotePal X-Lite II

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Master CMis uniquely designed with a stylish metal mesh to firmly hold the laptop. The pad is ultra-thick and is made of lightweight material making it ideal for travel. You can adjust the 140mm cooling fans to generate airflow necessary for your laptops great performance.

Key features

  1. Ultra-slim design with slim stand
  2. Speed controller
  3. Double USB ports

1. CM Storm SF-15 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

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CM storm consistsof powerful 160mm fans to provide an excellent cooling solution with minimal noise to power-hungry machines. The cooler has four USB ports to extend connectivity using plug and play devices like keyboard, mice,and others. Various connection cablesare usedin key areas to ensure easy mount.The cooler has a sleek design with six red LED lights for a glowing effect.

Key features

  1. Powerful and quiet 160mm fans
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Rubber handle for easy carrying


These are the best laptop coolers on the market and they do an excellent job. You should also understand each individual has different needs and you should choose the product that comfortably meets your needs and extend your laptop lifespan.

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